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Home Buyers & Sellers Inspection Services

Home Inspection is designed to provide vital information about the overall condition of a home.

There are many items evaluated during the home inspection. The following inofrnation will give you a basic idea of the topics that are covered when choosing Ridgeway Home Inspection, LLC.

A thorough inspection is performed pursuant to ASHI Standards of Practice Requirements and also the Arkansas Standards of Practice. The typical inspection lasts 2-3 hours.  Our inspectors encourage you to attend the inspection. Attending the inspection provides you with the opportunity to see any potential defects, hear detailed explanations, and ask questions that you may have concerning the house.

Learn About the Home Inspection Process with Our Virtual Home Inspection.

Our Process

  • 1. Scheduling

    Ridgeway Home Inspection strives to make the inspection process easy as 1..2..3.  We offer flexible schedules as well as electronic deliveries, notifications, and reminders.

  • 2. Inspection

    We want to give you knowledgeable information about the property.  Ridgeway Home Inspection  wants the inspection process to be both positive and educational.  We encourage you to ask us questions.

  • 3. Report

    Our reports adhere to ASHI and Arkansas Standards of Practice.  Ridgeway Home inspection reports are computer generated with a clean and easy to understand layout design.

  • 4. Recommendation Summary

    Our system provides a Recommendation Summary for quick reference and ease of sharing.  Ridgeway Home Inspection makes effort to use layman term descriptions for clients while providing technical specifics for service contractors.

  • 5. Delivery

    We understand that time is valuable to you.  Ridgeway Home Inspection guarantees a 48 hour turn-around-time on reporting.

  • 6. Maintenance Guide

    Ridgeway Home Inspection will provide you with a useful maintenance guide.  The guide is a tool to help you with suggested home maintenance and upkeep.  We want you to be safe and successful with your property purchase.

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